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April’s Pilates Club started October 2020 with the aim to offer mat workouts, carefully curated to strengthen, mobilise and stretch your body.

Begin or continue your Pilates journey here, together we will work to maintain our bodies to a high standard of functionality ready for whatever you choose to do whether it be: sports, high intensity fitness, no sport, no extra fitness, highly laboured job, desk job or absolutely nothing. Unlock your body’s potential!

What even is Pilates?

Pilates is a practise of physical and mental conditioning. Using low impact movement it develops the body as a whole, correcting posture, enhancing coordination, strength and flexibility. Using breath as the fuel which drives the carefully curated movements, Pilates reduces stress, improves mental focus and elevates the spirit. Plus so much more 

Is it for me?

I truly believe Pilates is for everyone, there are so many levels, layers and exercises that make Pilates inclusive. 


The health benefits of Pilates overrule age, gender, fitness, body type, exercise history.

You can start at any moment and it will be the beginning of great things for your body, mind and soul.

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