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Meet April

Hi, I'm April

I’m a qualified Pilates teacher, 24 from London.

I’m also a dancer and started with Ballet aged 3, I carried on dancing throughout my life completing a dance foundation and degree in contemporary dance.


My Pilates journey started as I needed a way to stay mobilised and strong after finishing my dance training, I was going to be transitioning from dancing nearly everyday for 4 years (foundation + degree) to dancing when I could around my part time job and however much I could afford to take classes. I was really worried about my physicality deteriorating and losing all the strength I had gained through my years of training. 

I chose Pilates as I knew that in theory it had all the benefits that I was looking for (also because annoyingly all the yoga classes kept getting booked up!) and Pilates being low impact movement was a bonus because at the time I had an injury. Why I continued with it was simply because I left each class feeling so great and energised. 

Movement has always been second nature and such a joy to me. As well as Dance and Pilates I’m also a student of Qi Gong and Tai chi where I have completely fallen in love with slow intensional movement. I’ve tried to combine everything I’ve learned through Dance, Pilates and Qi Gong and Tai chi to create workouts that will feel energising, peaceful and spark curiosity to learn more about your individual body. 

I want to share everything I’ve learned over the years to bring people the same love for moving that I possess. 

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